During my early years I always wanted to be a Primary school teacher, to be able to help shape the young minds of today. Working in the last 10 years as an Operations Manager, while I had a challenging and high power career I was not fulfilled. I started university as a mature age student studying Bachelor of Social Science with a pathway to teaching - During my four years at University I was promoted at my full time job to Global Training Manager. This is where I found a love of helping adults realise their potential as well as thoroughly enjoying the HR aspects of the role. Having recently been made redundant due to Covid-19, I have found a position as a Career Transition Specialist helping others through the redundancy process. Asked now if I will complete my Masters and become a teacher as originally planned – The answer is I am not sure – I feel fulfilled in my career and hope to further develop my skills surrounding HR and Training. I am entirely grateful I chose to complete a degree and have enjoyed the journey of getting to know myself academically.